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For Crews by Crews

RSCnet was built and is maintained the by crews to be the place for all crews to call home when not gaming on their consoles and computers. Sign up and join in on our multicrew gaming family.
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Crew Areas

Once you join RSCnet and have 10 posts on our forums you can create you own Crew Area. These "areas" are your websites within our website. Have your own private forums for your crew to interect in while interacting with the crews of RSCnet on the main forum.
Crew Areas


If you are not in a crew...don't worry about it! You don't have to be in a crew to be a part of the RSCnet family. If you are looking for a crew check out our Recruitment forum, if you roll as an independent that's completely fine also.

All Games

While we are a Rockstar Games fan site we are also gamers, and as such we discuss and play all games at RSCnet. Be it Gran Turismo Sport, Call of Duty or whatever, all games are welcome to be discussed here.

Attitude Free

At RSCnet it is our goal to maintain a high standard in member interaction. Other forums are drama nightmares while RSCnet works hard to maintain a fun friendly enviroment for all users.
  • Not the website you were expecting to see? Domestic Battery Gaming has merged with RSCnet. We are still an active crew, we merely changed websites to a more public, multi crew enviroment. If you are an XDBX member and were unaware of the merger please visit our crew area HERE. If you are not an XDBX member feel free to join in any conversation on RSCnet. 

    If you had a member account at anytime on the XDBX website your account has been transferred to RSCnet. Your password should work here as well, if you are unable to log in click "Contact Us" of the bottom of your screen.  - JustHatched

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