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Ultimate Squad


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Lets discuss tactics for how a squad should be working together. Below are a few questions to get started.


What would be the best squad setup? 

What load out/gadgets/vehicles would be beneficial for someone in your squad to have?

Would it be best to all stick together and move from objective to objective or split up?



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1. Assault, Enginner and Support are what I see most youtuber squad use. 


-Some good vehicles would be the APC and the Little Bird

-Ammo/Medic box is a must, a SMAW, C4, Repair tool, Spawn Beacon, and Defibs

- I can go on for the weapon load outs but for each class: 

Assault- Ace 23

Enginner: AK 5C, ACW R or MPX

Support: MG4 or AWS

Sniper: M98B, Srr 61 or the GOL magnum


3. I recommend spreading out because you're more likely to draw attention when moving as a group. Yeah you will most likely overwhelm your enemies but after a few kills, they will up their game. Plus the benefit of spreading out is if you die, you can spawn on your teammate given the fact that he/she is far from the enemies to attack from a different angle.

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f(x) = a( x-h )^2 + k          *^2 means squared*

The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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Depending on the map, Having as much variety would probably work best. Someone to throw out ammo, revive you, repair vehicles etc. And then having the gadgets to take down vehicles would be needed as well.


I was thinking that moving together would probably work best, but depending on your enemy and your squads skill, you could easily be wiped out. A sniper to lookout and spot people could be very handy when moving to capture a zone and then splitting up to flank the enemy from all sides could also work well.


Another option could be to use vehicles and stay reasonably close together, 2 in a tank, one in a chopper and 2 on foot would be pretty hard to stop.


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Depends of the map and game mode. Conquest on small maps like operation locker is easier if the squad plays together. One or two assault soldiers with defibs, a support and engineer too and it should be easy to capture most of the flags. 

Also, in small maps, if you go with automatic rifles use one with higher rpm and a grip.

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