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My #1 hobby as a child/teen was building model cars and trucks. I would watch my dad build when I was very young. One day he bought a kit I liked at a car show. He built the axles so the wheels would roll, then gave it and his xacto knife to me and said I should finish it for him :) I was hooked from that first kit. Built dozens of them through the years. My parents had a freezer in the shed out side and I used it for painting. That poor freezer was a giant rainbow of various colors. I built them off and on through my 20s as time allowed.

One day in 2000, I heard of a website called eBay and realized I could get all the old OOP kits I could ever want. At that point I turned into more of a collector than builder. I spent some crazy money amassing a large collection of rare and unbuilt kits, many of them were unopened. Eventually I sold some of them to finance an engine rebuild on a real car, lol. A few years later I started collecting again and even built a kit. Turns out the first model kit I ever built was also the last kit I ever built. I discovered a website called Brian's Model Cars that was used by some of the best builders around. In an attempt to expand my detail, I was always a box stock builder, I became overwhelmed and uninterested in something I once loved. Also didn't help that the website was ran with an IRON FIST, the admin was a freaking a-hole. His mismanagement and ego lead to the sites collapse and he wasn't even Brian, lol.

Suffering from burnout I turned to eBay once again and eliminated my entire collection of kits, spare parts and supplies. Even the kits I assembled as a child :( Once again I needed the money to repair a busted car. I made a lot of money but sadly it wasn't half of what I had spent. I did however, keep one kit, the last one I built, as a reminder. That was in December of 2008. I bought a kit in 2011 in an attempt to return to my hobby, it didn't work. Fast forward to today. I have decided to once again get back into the hobby. It will work this time because I am hoping to interest my son in the hobby. I just spend too much time on the couch playing video games and need a change.

These days not many stores out there that carry model kits. The big box stores stopped carrying them long ago and old school Hobby Shops are a rarity as well, unless of course you want a thousand dollar RC car. Plenty of sites online to get them but being me, I prefer to put my hands on things when I pay for them. Thankfully there is Hobby Lobby and they still carry a large collection of kits and supplies. Michael's also has some items but with a lot less selection. Both stores have Apps that provide some nice discounts/coupons that I took advantage of today.


Picked this stuff up this afternoon. Dodge should like my choices, Mopar made my favorite muscle cars back in the day. The Pete is an obvious choice due to my career. I was really happy to find that large scale General Lee, I remember building one as a child in the single digit age. It even has the correct decals after all the negative attention one of them attracted last year. Just need to grab some spray paint and stuff and I'll be back in action. 

The prices of these things have doubled in the last few years :(  Bright side to that is many manufacturers have switched to new owners and those owners have repaired old tooling and the packaging is of much higher quality than I remember.


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I still have several I built a long time ago, I have thought of building them again

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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These are cool. Great story as well.

I have quite a few scale models, but I cheat and buy them already built.

Most of them are diecast, some 1/24, mostly 1/18 and a couple of 1/12 Tamiya models.

I tend to go for F1 from before the 2000's, GT race cars, road cars and touring cars.

Once I've finished the house move and set up my racing room I'll post some pictures.

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That's awesome! Instead of cars, my dad's a huge fan of airplane models! Funny story, my sisters and I decided to buy a kit for my dad's birthday, but when we gave it to him he told us that he already had it...our fault for not looking through his collection -_-


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