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A race for your favourite Compact. Has tight sections as well as fast open sections. Everything to test your compact racing skills.


1)     3:51:120   Bikes                  Akuma

2)     3:57:760   Supers               Osiris

3)     3:59:561   Sports                Elegy

4)     4:07:847   Sedans              V12 Armoured

5)     4:09:277   Off Road Bike    Sanchez 2

6)     4:13:123   Coupes              Cabrio

7)     4:17:823   Muscle              Sabre Turbo

8)     4:19:522   S/Classic           Stirling GT

9)     4:22:001   Off Road Car     Bifta

10)   4:28:034   SUV's                XLS Armoured

11)   4:40:411   Compacts         Rhapsody

12)   4:51:920   Vans                 Gang Burrito

13)   4:55:920   Utility                Sadler

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