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One of XDBX's original dirt muscle car races. A long challenging lap and heaps of fun in Muscle cars. Oils Aint Oils is the 1st of 4 races based on the old Castrol GTX ads we had in Australia back in the day (before some of you were even born!)


1)     5:39:640   Bikes                  Akuma

2)     5:48:214   Supers               T20

3)     5:57:151   Sports                Elegy

4)     6:01:119   Off Road Bike    Sanchez 2

5)     6:07:320   Off Road Car     Brawler

6)     6:15:576   Coupes              Felon

7)     6:16:944   Sedans              V12 Armoured

8)     6:19:779   SUVs                 XLS Armoured

9)     6:20:880   S/Classic           Stirling GT

10)     6:21:800   Muscle             Dominator

11)   7:00:759   Compacts          Rhapsody

12)   7:06:860   Vans                  Gang Burrito

13)   7:07:519   Utility                 Sadler



There was a series of tv ads in the 80's and 90's in Aus for Castrol GTX Oil.

These ads were the inspiration to the Oils Aint Oils series of races. Here's a few of them :D








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