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A fast motorcycle race starting on the edge of the city and heading through the countryside. Designed for bikes but suitable for all classes. Non Contact, but can be run as a contact race.


1)     5:09:917   Bikes                  Bati RR                                               KingGabba115          S Class Pro Racing

2)     5:21:591   Supers               X80

3)     5:29:282   Sports                Elegy

4)     5:41:278   Sedans              V12 Armoured  (ps4)

5)     5:50:600   S/Classic            Stirling GT

6)     5:50:987   Coupes              Cabrio  (ps4)

7)     5:51:389   Muscle               Sabre Turbo

8)     5:57:200   Off Road (Car)   Brawler

9)     6:00:161   Off Road Bike    Sanchez 2

10)   6:11:409   SUV's                XLS Armoured

11)   6:25:680   Compacts          Panto

12)   6:39:872   Vans                  Gang Burrito

13)   6:56:920   Utility                 Sadler                                                                                 


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