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I'm looking for a project car..


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Been looking for ever for the right project car, and I have close a few times but the deals seem to fall thru

I had my eye on a 1979 Chevy Monza 2+2 (if you don't know what one is google it, basically like a Ford Pinto with a factory V8), the quality of the car is crap, if you find one with rust it's junk, parts are very hard to find, the one I seen is no rust, I wanted to put a 400HP 350 in it but the old girl won't sell it because it belonged to her dead husband.


1967 Pontiac Firebird, all original, no rust. Original interior was fucked but was all there, ran decent and faded but not rusted original paint. I looked at it several times, tried to get the owenr to come down on the 14K price tag and when I decided to cough up the dough fucker sold it the day before.


1923 T Bucket, it was already all done, but couldn't really spend 25k on it. Very nice car but defeated the project aspect.


Do you have any deals that fell out that you still kick your ass about?

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