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You can only live one day of your life forever..


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Which day do you choose??

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Hard choice: Either the day of the Grade 9 math exam or the day I participated in my first crew event

Grade 9 math exam: "If you know your math, you were considered "smart"." While I managed to come out with what I believe was an 85%, if I kept doing it over and over, each time remembering some questions from the last, I would eventually manipulate my score until I get a reasonable score such as 95% or up

[PS3] The day I participated in my first crew event: OK! That's a given. When the playlist was actually near-full, back when I RSVP-ed for all the PvP events that I could attend. It was exciting, action packed, the nostalgia of having fun with people with the same interest. I would get on an hour before the event starts and wait, my inpatient went wild, my stomach, distracted with gaming to eat, it was magnificent. As time moved on, one-by-one, people that play PS3 regularity have moved on, one-by-one events on the PS3 side either discontinued or moved on to PS4. While I'm not trying to blame this crew for anything, in fact this crew is the only thing bringing me back to GTA online. However, the PS3 side has been getting the bad end of the stick. Sometimes events would get cancelled due to the lack of participants and it makes me fear that eventually the host will decide to pull the plug, because it might be a lost cause to put time out of their day just to see that there's not enough RSVP to even host. Maybe when I'm finished all my exams, I'll host my own PvP event that will run for the summer only, at way not only I'm getting my daily TDM fun, but RSVPs for PS3 have an event to look forward too.


A sum of my two points if you don't like reading essays:

Grade 9 math: 

-If I remembered what to do each time my day resets, I would manipulate my score and eventually get a reasonable score


The day I participated in my first crew event:

-Events back then had more RSVP for PS3

-More events than today

-Feelings of what I felt

-Downfall of the PS3 side, people moving on to PS4, events discontinuing or moved on to PS4

-My fear that the current events will eventually discontinue or move on since sometimes there's not enough RSVP to even start, and my fear that the host may pull the plug as a result 

-My potential plan to make an official event for PS3; a PvP event that runs for the summer (exams and all)


Thank you for your time, by Prodigy

A quadratic function can be written in vertex form:

f(x) = a( x-h )^2 + k          *^2 means squared*

The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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