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Hello. I'm Ryan. Im 33, which means I'm too old to play video games. But I'm cool with it. I live in Illinois. I have 2 kids and a 3rd on the way, suprise! Im very glad I found a group like this to belong too.

So far I'm a crew rep.



UPDATE: Sept 2015


I have made some changes in game, and IRL. I'm no longer 33, with 2 kids. I'm now 35, with 3 kids. Still in Illinois, and still very glad to find a group like this to belong to.  I've been promoted to Commissioner in GTA5, and also Vetting Director and Crew Admin. I've made some friends along the way here and have now moved from 1 platform to another maintaining this Crew. 


A little video I made showcasing, Me...


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what does your name means? You are working for doge or you just like the cars ?

.. i am in love with the charger from the 70´s ^^

Sorry it took so long to answer you here. I never saw this post. I worked for Dodge Chrysler Jeep for 11 years. I am a Service Advisor. I now work the same dealership owners, but in their BMW store. The name was taken at a time when I thought an online session like we have here, would never exist for me. I never thought my name be seen by so many people or I would have picked something cooler. Like DavidCore89. But it is what it is. My online ID is dodgeservice, everyone calls me dodge.


EDIT: Oh and I also love my Mopars

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Welcome to the crew, Ryan.  :)


A member from our Vetting Team will get in contact with you shortly.  (Allow 2-3 days.  They're a slightly disorganised bunch)







BTW, you should probably trim the last 10 seconds from your video.  :lol:

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Hello Ryan, here is a little intro to our Crew and a few questions we like answered before we extend an invite to new members.


A Brief Introduction


First of all, welcome and thank you for expressing interest in our Grand Theft Auto Online crew, Domestic Battery. We are a casual group who enjoy all this game has to offer as well as socializing and networking with like-minded individuals. To expand upon that, we'd like to share with you more about who we are. At our core, we uphold key values such as respect and integrity as well as cherishing people from different backgrounds with different perspectives. We are a global crew after all. How does this apply to Grand Theft Auto Online? Simple. We like to think we are a mostly mature group of individuals who share a common love and interest for the game.


What It Means To Be XDBX


Finding a great group of people to play with in our opinion is truly what this game is all about. Here at Domestic Battery we believe we offer an online experience like no other on both PS3 and PS4 consoles. Our philosophy is quality over quantity. We are not a speciality crew. We play anything and everything.  We also have a very strong foundation in creating incredible custom jobs via the useful tools found in the various Creators. While we appreciate individuals who are only interested in certain aspects of the game, like missions and heists, we are about so much more and not simply that. We encourage people to broaden their horizons. Skill level means nothing to us, only the willingness to try. You will get out of this crew what you put into it.


We Want You


That said, we are appreciate your interest in us. Let's make it happen. Before we do though, we have a few things we'd like to ask you to get the ball rolling. An invite will only be extended to you upon compliance and completion of these questions as well as including a brief Introduction of who you are. Once an invite as been sent your Vetting period begins immediately and more information will follow. Bear in mind we value honesty and this is to help insure we are both good fits for one another.


Please incorporate your answers into your Introduction so we can get to know you a bit better. Let's get started.




1. What time zone are you active in? (if you live in the East Coast of the United States for example, your timezone is GMT -5)


2. How did you hear about us and what are some of your goals for joining a crew?


3. Our Vetting period lasts a total of 2 weeks in which our tags must be active for the entirety, is this something you can abide by? (after which you can switch as you please, but we must remain your primary crew)


4. Do you consider yourself an active gamer? Will you be able to attend at least 1 event per week and check in on our site often? (whether it's a structured playlist, random job hoping or participating with crew members in whatever)


5. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone to experience all GTA has to offer? (for example, we play everything from deathmatches to races to captures and more, as well as Free Roam shenanigans)



I just realized I never welcomed you in the first place, but that's probably because you joined a day before I did and back then we all had our intro posts on one single thread.  Even so, I don't think I could ever call you "Ryan", you'll always be "Dodge".  :lol:

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Chica chica, Dodgeservice. 

You can call me Dodge. I'm the XO of Domestic Battery. And also the HR dept. My PSN name is dodgeservice. Some on here already know me. And I'm glad to be part of this community. 

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