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Fast and Furious | 7/30/2020 - Motocross


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Racing themed event repeated once a month. Last month we did some street racing, but expect other kinds of races in future events. Here you can see some pics & promos of our last event.





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Hello everyone,

As always, we will play this event the last Thrusday of the month, and this time we are racing on a historic circuit. We'll race the 24h of LeMans in this track. 35 laps, non-contact, 20:30 UK. A good lap time would be 1:40.x**-1:42.x** (and if you dominate kerb boost and brake boost you can reach 1:35.x**-1:36.x**).

Normally in combat events there are most of the times enough places for those who want to join, but this time is a bit different. In our race events there are 25-30 players, so if you really want to try it I highly recommend you to send a private message to Shelby so you can get a spot there. If not, I highly doubt you'll have a spot available. I don't think I'll be online that day, but if I am I'll try to send invites (I have most of you added as a friend in PSN), but just in case send a friend request to ShelbyGR-1 and tell her you want to participate.

Including this race there are 7 races left to finish the first season of this event. At first I didn't know it, but after every event there is a classification of players and countries. 
Pilots: the first 10 players score points. 1st gets 10, 2nd gets 9... 10th gets 1.
Countries: the country gets the points of the two best drivers of each country after the event.
At the moment the classification looks like this:

As you can see it isn't necessary to win the event. Just be regular and you'll soon get to the top positions.

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Ranking updated after LeMans, Moto GP and NASCAR.

Theme July: motocross (Sanchez or Manchez, still to be determined). Send PM if you want to be in.


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