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LSIA Transform GP Stock


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Ever felt it must be the cars fault?



Each of the 6 pit-stops will put you in a different vehicle. They all have the potential to be within 1-2 seconds over the 2:25 lap. Stay in the right lane once in the vehicle you want to race.

Start in the p*sswasser Dominator, and the pit-stop-vehicles in order:

Shafter V12 (Armoured),


Hotring Sabre,



and the Banshee 900R.



The track:


Should work well with contact. 

Locked to stock vehicles.


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After playing it this weekend it was obvious that unless you got a customized version of each vehicle your scr*wed.

Tested alot of stock vehicles and found 7 cars that are very close on this track. Its now locked to stock vehicles.

I also removed one pit-stop to make the first corner better for contact.

Rebuilt the pits as well.

Op updated with the (stock) cars.

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