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PS4 Criminal Mastermind Group


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So I've been doing heists now for a couple weeks but I'm looking for a team who would like to do the Criminal Mastermind challenge with me, or possibly a group who is looking for a member to complete their team. 


If I join a existing group searching for members:

  • I prefer joining a group that have mics.
  • I'm available to do the heists whenever.
  • I know my way around GTA so you don't need to worry about me messing up. (Unless by accident)


         Other than those three things listed I'm set for any group if you need another member


If I find members for my own team: NA Time Zone Preferred


  • As I said above, I prefer members who have a mic.
  • I will give a 25% cut to every member for each heist.
  • Each member should be equipped with a BP Helmet and a Heavy Utility Vest.
  • If you have a Armored Karuma or a Insurgent from previous completed heists, I recommend bringing them along.
  • Heist experience preferred.
  • I'm looking to complete the challenge within a week (Depending on heist members time zones and available times)
  • I'll accept anyone no matter what time zone you live in. 

(Current Team: Me, PrancingSkeleton, Hatch and PDX96)

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I'd be interested, I live in EST. I do have a mic, and I've been doing heists for a while. Since its summer I should be available most of the time (from around 11:00 - 24:00) unless I'm with friends or doing other things.

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BPH doesn't really make much difference. The heavy armour suit does though so if you can handle the restricted movement then go for that as your outfit. No harm having a BPH too but NPC's rarely go for headshots.

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That's a good point Squirrel. I'm going to put that in. Also Prancing, I'm happy to see you're interested, I also got a message from Vishesh he's in the EU time zone but I think I'll be able to get those time zones to fit together. So all we need is 1 more person and we're all set.

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