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Create A Crew Area


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Crew Areas

What is it? - Crew Areas are essentially a mini website that you can create within this website. In this area you can have up to 5 forums with an unlimited number of topics, an events calendar and a homepage. To see a sample visit the Sample Crew. Crews can be found in the Crews tab of the Navigation Bar.

Why does my crew need this? - Your crew can benefit by having real communication that exceeds what can be found on most other websites. The ability to discuss crew topics and setup events easily can give your crew a much more close knit feeling. Even is your crew operates it's own website the Crew Area can serve as a backup plan when/if your site is down for maintenance or server issues. 

What's the catch? - There is no catch, all you need to do is post 10 times on the main forum then you can create your Crew Area. We have this 10 post requirement so that folks can not just join to add their crew and never return to our website. After 10 posts you can create 2 Crew Areas if you operate more than 1 crew. If another area is needed beyond those 2 message an Administrator.

Who Administrates and Moderates my Crew Area? - You do, as the Owner of the crew you can set your own Admins and Moderators of your Crew Area. Note that Community Admins and Moderators also can but it is our policy to allow you the freedom to do as you please in your crew area as long as it fits within the community rules.


How To Create A Crew Area

Note the images shown may contain options only available to community admins

Begin by click Crews in the Navigation Bar, then click Start A Crew


In the popscreen fill in all the required info (fill in optional info as you see fit) and click Save.


You Crew Area is now created. From here you can add your crew icon and cover photo.  Click Manage Crew to add Forums (Shows as Topics in Add Crew Feature), you can title the forums as you wish, also you can add a Events Calendar. These added items will then show in the Nav Tabs underlined in red. Also in Manage Crew is where you can create a Homepage, Invite Members and edit your crew settings. 

Forums you create will also be added to the main forum but will only be visible to your members.



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