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Beyond the Stars


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Giving another attempt at making a classic style capture in the hold game mode. If you're not familiar with them, a "hold" is when teams battle it out over any number of capture objects and return them to their base where they can then be stolen and brought back to your own.


Here players will travel to the Galileo Observatory that is guarded by low accuracy security guards with pistols who respawn 1 time each. Wanted levels are capped at 1 star. Weapons are parceled across the map for stop and pick up as well as low traffic volume if a get away vehicle is ever needed mid-route. Plenty of opportunities for great escape jumps as the Observatory is naturally situated on higher ground. Likewise, respawn vehicles are Dune Buggies which are fantastic for this.


Thoughts and feedback are welcome and appreciated.


Beyond the Stars: Hold





: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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Just played this today. Everything works pretty well except for the respawns. We currently respawn at the base which means if an enemy comes in, they can continually spawn kill you because you spawn in a vehicle, or if they managed to take you out to grab the case (because it's a hold) they respawn near you and kill you before you can get away.

You could do 2 different things to counter this, place the spawn points behind and away from the base, say a 5-10 second drive to get back to it so the enemy has a chance to get away, or put the spawn points half way towards the observatory so that they have a chance to intercept the package once the enemy steals it. There are multiple roads in which you can go so it won't be as easy as blocking off one road.

The base is quite different on each team, one is completely open and the other isn't. It might be worth trying to even them out a little.

I really enjoyed it though, all the weapons scattered around and the many different ways around the observatory to collect the cases is a good fight. The police and npcs are perfect, enough to distract you but not enough to frustrate you.

The only other suggestion is to start with micro SMGs, purely so you can shoot out of the vehicle which will add another dimension to it and allow it to be more of a struggle to steal people's packages.

Even though it's still a basic capture as such, there are so many layers involved in it and besides those minor issues above, this is probably one of my favourite captures I have played.

Excellent work!

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Yeah, I agree with Scotty's comments.

Great fun to play.  Really like the fact that dozens of weapons aren't just picked up from your base.  You have to stop along the way to pick them up.

Makes you choose between going in quick with not much firepower, or stock up with bigger guns and more bullets but risk getting there too late to get a capture.


If you decide to move the re-spawn points, I'd probably prefer to have them part way towards each others base.

As they are now, it's a long drive back to the enemy's base if you get killed.  The 10 minute limit only allows a handful of attempts.


Very fun capture.  :)

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This is one of those jobs I keep intending to revisit because I was never truly happy with it. I keep forgetting though.


I'll get on that though sometime soon, thanks guys.

: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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