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Best way to earn Glimmer?


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What is the easiest and quickest way to earn Glimmer? I am broke.... :(

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If you have access to Mars; the Exclusion Zone mission, just don't kill the last yellow-barred Legionaire, let him kill you and you'll start over.  Or patrol Mars and just keeping looping around the bunkers in the Scrablands area.


If you don't have Mars available yet, patrol Earth (Cosmodrome) and head to Skywatch.  Just keep farming there.  There are several public events that, when they happen, you just go on a killing frenzy and the glimmer will add up quickly.

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Remember to use the glimmer buffs when you know you are going to kill a lot of monsters, for example, in strike playlists.


These glimmer buffs work for 10 minutes each time you use them, remember to use the ones associated with the monsters you are killing (Vex, Fallen, Hive, Cabal)


Black Wax Idol (Hive buff)

Blue Polyphage (Vex)

Ether Seeds (Fallen)

Resupply Codes (Cabal)


All these consumables drops usually from elites (Majors, Ultras, etc) But they do drop randomly from everyone, so remember using them when you know you're gonna kill a good bunch of them :)

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