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Best Car for each class


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Hey everyone, I was just curious of all of your opinions as to which cars are the best for each class. As I play with the crew more and more, I have done far more races then I ever did before I joined the crew and it is starting to grow on me, I am starting to enjoy it alot more. Although not a good racer by any stretch of the imagination, playing with everyone makes you alot better even if you finish somewhere in the middle or the back. So that ties me back to my original question, when doing races with the crew, we usually have customs on and I really only ever used super cars so when were in a category such as sports or something other then custom, I have to use the regular un-modded cars which can leave you at a disadvantage. So I'm interested in investing into cars of different classes such as sports, motorcycles, etc. I'd like to know in your opinion what is the best racing car/bike for each class?

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Depends a lot more on the driver than anything, honestly, and some cars are a bit more suited to wide open roads while some are more in tune with technical tracks with better handling, sharper turning and higher traction.


Super: Zentorno or Osiris. Turismo is still very, very competitive.

Sports: Massacro, Jester, or Elegy. Feltzer and 9F get very high mentions.

Sports Classics: Stirling GT or Z-Type for top speed tracks. Pigalle is still a good compromise, but the Stirling is worth every cent it's unfair.

Coupe: Zion or Exemplar for top speed tracks, Windsor too if there's very little cornering.

Muscle: Blade for short tracks or Dominator for top speed tracks/tighter turning.

Sedan: Schafter

Motorcycle: Akuma for short city type tracks or Bati/Hakuchou for top speed tracks where wheelies determine victors.

Off-road: Sanchez unfortunately where applicable, Injection gets a worthy mention.

SUV: Huntley

Compact: Rhapsody or Panto where acceleration matters in shorter tracks

: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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