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Tower is confusing as shit...


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I get lost in the damn thing everytime I am there, the maps scattered around are next to useless.

Is there anything to do here other than walk around and try to find shit to buy. I see loads of other players just standing around.

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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The map is a bit sh1t. I just got familiar with the place by getting lost :-D You can use it for a gathering place if you want to meet up before doing a planned raid or strike with fellow crew members aka strike team. Don't forget to visit the Cryptarch.

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The tower is also where you access the vault.  Something you'll worry about when you start getting too much stuff to carry on your character.  Or if you have multiple characters, use the vault to move gear around. 


There are 3 factions(New Monarchy, Future War Cult and Dead Orbit) in Destiny and they each have their own booth with a representative.  You can buy gear from them using Crucible Marks (the currency you get for doing any of the PVP activities) and their gear is slightly better than the generic stuff.

Also, the Postmaster is in the Tower.  There will be messages there when you gain a rank in any of your factions or when you get extra rewards for doing things "out in the world".  But don't worry, you can't miss them, if any of these people have something for you, they will have a green icon over their heads.


The Iron Banner is a strictly PVP event that happens every 5 weeks or so and lasts a week.  You get some really nice gear for participating.  When it's on, the entrance that is currently covered by a bunch of hanging banners will open granting access.


Occasionally Xur shows up in the tower.  Typically every Friday at 5am EST until Sunday at 5am.  Think of him as a black market dealer.  He sells some potentially great gear. 


Aside from that, it's really just a meeting place.  You can interact with other players by pressing R3 when they are directly in front of you.  A good way to ask for help if you need a couple of extra players for something.


The Reef is pretty much the same thing but with a few extra characters that give you access to things like Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris.


...yeah, guess there is a lot that can be confusing...

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There's a web site called destinylfg.com ( destiny looking for group ) that lists people wanting to join together to do raids and stuff it also tells where and when Xur will be.

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