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Here's 2500 words on how to do Criminal Mastermind


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This is not written by me, I was on the GTA V Reddit page and found this. I have not done the mastermind myself but I have used some of these methods :)




I’ve done over 60 heists and have done Criminal Mastermind twice (2nd time was helping 3 friends who hadn’t done it) so I decided to make a quick heist guide to help people out. This isn’t a full guide that details every step of every set-up and heist, rather it’s a quick guide that explains some methods that makes things go quicker and/or easier.


If you’re going for the Criminal Mastermind, you should be using the armored Kuruma as much as possible, along with the heavy combat outfit and bulletproof helmet. Save this as an outfit and make sure the heist leader chooses saved outfits instead of from selection. At any point that I say ‘car’, you should substitute it with ‘armored Kuruma’ if you’re going for this challenge. I’m going to skip the Fleeca Job because it’s about as straight forward of a job as there is and I don’t really have any tips to make it go faster or smoother.

Heist #1: Prison Break

  • Set-up #1: Plane

This one’s pretty straight forward. When you get to the airfield, stay in a Kuruma and simply kill everyone. Once it’s clear, someone takes a plane to the airport and that’s it. Nothing really tricky about this one.

  • Set-up #2: Bus

Two Kuruma’s, two people in each. When you get to the bus, passenger in one of the cars gets out and takes out the police helicopter while the driver stays in and covers him. The other car goes for the bus, with the passenger getting out to grab it once the driver is dead and the majority of the cops in the area are dead. Use the hills to lose the cops. I’d advise one person in a Kuruma stick with the bus incase he’s taking heavy fire, but this rarely happens. Lose the cops and drop the bus off.

  • Set-up #3: Station

Police station team calls 911 (‘Emergency Services’) and gets a cop car to come to them. Kill the two cops, drive to the underground construction tunnel to lose the cops or do it any other way you prefer. Everything else for this team is pretty straight forward.

The team going after the car can do this the safe way which is to simply kill everyone on the ship and make your way to the top crates to get the car. If you want a quicker but far less safe method, one person simply climbs up the crane that’s nearest to the left side (looking at it from the road) of the ship. Once at the top, jump down, pull your parachute quickly, and land on the top crates. This method allows you to skip killing most of the guys and it will put both of you in the car as soon as you get to the crate. This method makes things quicker but I would never do it if you’re going for the challenge.

Once you take the car, avoid shooting any of the guys chasing you because having them and the cops chasing you makes things far more difficult. Keep the body armor or snack menu open to replenish armor/health instead of shooting. Only shoot if you get trapped/cornered. Deliver the car and that’s that.

  • Set-up #4: Wet Work

City hall team simply gets onto that building across the street and takes the two guys out at the same time. Return to the Kuruma and drive right up to the document. Let the passenger get out quickly and grab it. You can also choose to stay in the car and simply kill all the cops before getting out.

  • Prison Break Heist

Pilot: Don’t leave the airport until there’s about 4 minutes left on the timer. You’ll get there with plenty of time left and this simply takes a couple minutes of risk away. When the jet shows up to take you out, all you have to do is stay on its tail and it will do nothing. Try to time your landing with the prison team. If there’s too much heat at the airfield, simply take off and try it again.

Demolitions: Not to much complicated here. You don’t have to actually take out the jet that comes for the pilot; as I said above, he simply tails him and the jet does nothing. Stay near the prison and take out the police helicopters as quickly as possible. You have the best visual of the airfield so let the prison team know when they should get out and make a run for the plane.

Prison Team: Shoot the prison officers right away because they’re going to shoot you anyway at some point. Once you make it through, let the others know when you’re leaving and do your best to time your arrival with the plane’s landing. Do not get out until it’s at least somewhat clear… you’re better off circling the runway for a few minutes then trying to get out with 5 cop cars around. When you do finally get out, the officer should cover the prisoner and Rashkovsky while they get in- having your body armor menu open is a good idea.

Once you guys are out of there, it’s pretty much straight forward from there. Just avoid the police helicopters that spawn and get to the jump point. The person in the Buzzard should allow everyone to land on the beach and clear out-- go into the rocks-- before landing on the beach.

Heist #2: Humane Labs Raid

  • Set-up #1: Key Codes

There isn’t much to this one. The one method we use to make things a bit easier is to purposely fail the mission by shooting once everyone is in place. Reminder that failing the mission does not reset the Criminal Mastermind challenge- only dying does. On the restart, your personal vehicles will be across the street by the Ammunation after the first cut scene. After you kill everyone, you can get in the Kuruma(s) and make things safer.

  • Set-up #2: Insurgents

Do not enter the area and start killing everyone before everyone is there. Buzzards will come in as soon as everyone is dead and this is problematic for people arriving late and not in one of the Insurgents. There’s nothing really tricky about this one, just keep your body armor menu open since these things aren’t bulletproof like the Kuruma.

  • Set-up #3: EMP

This is probably one of the riskiest parts of the Criminal Mastermind challenge. There aren’t really any tricks to this but the one thing that I suggest doing is staying away from all jets as much as possible because running into a friendly or having a blown up jet hit you are the most likely ways you’re going to die on this one. Also, this is a mission where you want to remember that you can fail but not die. If you get hit and think you might explode, bail out of your jet or hydra and start over. If you’ve already taken everyone out, the 3 people in the regular jets can bail without failing the mission.

  • Set-up #4: Valkyrie

Everyone should be in one Kuruma for this one. Simply drive through the front area and ignore everyone shooting at you. Once you get to the valkyrie, kill everyone around and the incoming helicopter before getting in. The incoming Buzzard needs to be taken out quickly because it will fire rockets upon all of you.Once you take off, it’s pretty straight forward. If you’ve had trouble getting the choppers down without them taking you out in the past, try this: land on the roof of building you just went through to get to the chopper and simply take out the enemy choppers with snipers. It’ll take a lot longer but it’s about safe as you can get.

  • Set-up #5: Deliver EMP

There isn’t really any risk of dying on this one but I’ve seen people struggle with it because they can’t seem to work together. The quickest method in my opinion is the following: one person stays back with the Insurgent while the other 3 go forward. Once the Merryweather Insurgent leaves, 2 people go to the right and take out the two guys working on the truck, the two scientists by the monkeys, the one lone Merryweather guard in the middle, and the two scientists who come out of the middle area. The other person goes towards the back and takes out the people back there and the Merryweather guard by the van while someone else gets the last scientist. After you get the EMP inside, take that Humane Labs van and leave.

  • Humane Labs Raid

There really isn’t much to offer up with this one as it’s pretty straight forward. Just be careful when you pick up the two people on the beach. If I’m forgetting something and you have a question, feel free to ask.

Heist #3: Series A Funding

  • Set-up #1: Coke

Helicopter team should take out as many guys as possible before landing. If you want to be extra safe, ditch the helicopter altogether. Once all the coke has been collected, the helicopter passenger should get out and take out any police helicopters that come until the boat team is in the chopper.

  • Set-up #2: Trash Truck

Back the truck into the alleyways when possible. Kill everyone before leaving because it just makes things easier.On the gas station pick-up, someone should get out before you hit the checkpoint and destroy all the pumps to avoid them exploding and killing you.

  • Set-up #3: Bikers

Stealth part is pretty straight forward. Be careful running over bikes because they can explode. There’s a shortcut that some don’t know about that can help on this one and later- go down onto the freeway when you can and don’t take any exits- simply keep going and pull onto the wrong side of the freeway when you get close to place where you’re delivering the trucks and you’ll see that you can drive right under that freeway on-ramp and down a small hill to the checkpoint.

  • Set-up #4: Weed

Once you’ve gotten the trucks and the pickup, ignore the route they give you and simply take the highway back to Ron. It will take a bit longer, but you’ll encounter almost no opposition.

  • Set-up #5: Meth

Stay in the Kuruma’s and simply kill everyone outside. The guys who stay inside can be ignored. I prefer to have the 3 of us that aren’t driving the tanker get into one Kuruma and kill the guys in trucks, but you can all get in separate cars if you desire. I can’t say that one way is better than the other.

  • Series A Funding Heist

Once everyone is on the freeway, the two trucks should stop underneath the bridge and allow the gunner to take out the choppers. Truck drivers should keep the body armor menu open and just focus on avoiding the enemies. Gunner truck should stay in front of both trucks since the truck drivers can not be shot from behind. Not much else to this one.

Heist #4: Pacific Standard

  • Set-up #1: Vans

If you’ve died on this set-up, you should probably play a different game. No tricks here, just allow the navigators to drive themselves as it makes things much simpler. Allow someone without a wanted level to take the van that Lester tells you to grab.

  • Set-up #2: Signal

Drive past the place where Lester tells you to go to get the Seasharks. Continue driving until you get out of the tunnel that goes underneath the military base. Pull onto the beach on the left and continue driving north around the bend and you’ll see another group of Seasharks. You’ll also see the island you’re going to- it’s a shorter trip, and you can return to that spot to get your vehicles after you grab Avi. Makes things quicker and safer.

  • Set-up #3: Hack

Nothing really to make this easier but to make it quicker, 3 people go straight to the parking lot where the black van is and begin to kill everyone there. Other person goes to Lester’s place to get the white van.

  • Set-up #4: Convoy

Take out the helicopter with snipers before it gets there. After you take everyone in the convoy out, move the truck onto that dirt road that goes down to the river to get it out of the way. Two people go into the Insurgent and go ahead to kill all the Merryweather people. Two people stay by the truck and take out the two helicopters that come. Once everyone is taken out, someone simply takes the truck to the destination and there should be little to no Merryweather left.

  • Set-up #5: Bikes

When you take off on the bikes, do not go down the road directly to the right, aka the way it tells you to go. Go straight out of the lot and use the 2nd street, staying to the left and still avoiding the main road that they tell you to take because of roadblocks. You can also go straight through the park. I like to stick together in pairs in case someone goes down and needs cover.

  • Pacific Standard Heist

All crowd control has to do is pull out an RPG and the ‘Intimidation’ meter will stay full. Do not aim at any of the people in the bank. If the alarm is set off for some reason, NOOSE is coming and it's now up to you if you want to continue or just start over. Once again, quitting or failing does not reset the challenge. Once the hacker/demolitions guy get into the vault, only one person needs to take the money. This makes things much simpler. The person with the money will stay in the bank while the other 3 clear out all the cops outside. When you go down the alley, the guy with the money stays in between 2 people taking the lead and 1 person covering behind you guys. Everyone should jump over the white wall-- part of it is short enough to walk over-- and make sure they hit the checkpoint before turning around and going towards the next checkpoint. The road they want you to go down is full of cops and you don’t have to use it.

When you get to the bikes, the person with the money takes off and goes to their garage to grab the armored Kuruma. Obviously, you need to plan out who this person is going to be before the heist. Whoever it is needs to have an apartment that's somewhat close to the bikes. Everyone else goes out to Martin Madrazzo’s house/farm and waits in one of the barns while the person getting the Kuruma drives out there to pick you up. If you’re unaware of where this is, simply take the route the game gives you and it’s on the right side- you’ll see two dirt roads that both go to the house.

Once everyone is in the vehicle, follow the checkpoints until the very last one where the jump is. You do not want to hit this checkpoint and you do not want to jump. Instead, you take the road to the right instead of the left-- the left one goes to the jump-- and drive down to the boat. You’ll still have 5 stars but there will be very few cops on you. There are many ways to do this getaway but this is by far the safest method.


Source:  http://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/386d4p/heres_2500_words_on_how_to_do_criminal_mastermind/

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