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Overprotective Internet Browser

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I use a website to help me download video's from Youtube. It's free and easy to use and can get a decent copy of any video I need.


Obviously as it's a free service the website makers need to make money so they always have annoying pop-ups and lots of adverts. I can deal with that, I know not to download anything or install anything from these dodgy websites as I'm fairly internet savvy.


The downloads I get from the site are either an audio or video file, never a zip or .exe file that could contain harmful malware.


Today google chrome has started treating that site differently. I can still use the site as normal but just as I get to the download file point (which is where the annoying pop ups are triggered) I get the following screen:




I can still click through and get my file but I can't find anywhere in the chrome settings where I can say that I know the risk so please stop warning me about it all the time. 


Thanks in advance.



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i use browser extentions to do that, chrome stopped doing that because you know it all belongs to google and the extentions that allowed the download stopped working on yt.. i just use a similar system with one of the other popular browsers :)

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Please don't be offended, it's a small piece of my mind that I chose to expose...

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You probably have malware from the dodgy website.


You can get malware just from visiting a site, file types are irrelevant.



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This is the site itself. Wasn't going to post it because of the dodgy pop ups it generates.



Yeah, it's certainly possible to get malware from there and that's likely why that certain popup is being blocked.


Run a full scan with Malwarebytes and see what happens.


There are a lot of websites that can install malware easily, lyrics and file indexing/hosting websites are the most notorious for that.

Use an adblock for Chrome.

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