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Time Trials 2019 - Round 07 - Laguna Park


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Welcome aboard @VALL_es if any of your crew or any friends may be interested feel free to also invite them along.

I will also be running this:


So that any investment in a new car also yields some additional return. 

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A reminder that it's deadline this weekend plus we also have the Sentinel Touren Wagen Cup on Saturday night which will feature a Time Trials run as part of the night. 

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My time from last night will have to suffice, early start in the morning. 

I've been sat at my desk all day too, bloody forgetful AF! 

50% Cat 50% Man 110% Bellend

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Well done @VALL_es great result picking up your first win. 👍

Well dome to @Mark Verstappen and @Trashbags too for your podium spots.

As ever I am slipping further behind Trashy and his ever more consistent podium finishes.

Thanks G, great job on car, track selection and results as per usual.

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Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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