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Time Trials 2019 - Round 05 - Joshua Road West


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Switching to some Rallycross for this round, we could have had something nice and stable like the Tropos but there is no challenge in getting that around quickly. So we shall run with the Kuruma instead, the track is very simple but has some fairly brutal bumps that will need to be tamed in the Kuruma, which lets face it is extremely easy to flip.




The fully modified Karin Kuruma is the only vehicle allowed for this round.




Sunday 21st July at Midnight (GMT).





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Well done @Bkmoto28 👍

Looks like @Trashbags is a podium regular these days, well played Trashy.

Thanks to @doubleg213 for another round.

Also if RammsteinDude puts the effort it he may soon be tipping the leaderboard.

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Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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Nice on trashy. Also fair play rammsteindude, more for your choice of name though!!

I struggled greatly with his track, beat to move on and forget about it lol

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50% Cat 50% Man 110% Bellend

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