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error code help???


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i haven't been able to get online on red dead redemption 2 in about a week because of this gosh darn error code 0x50000006. someone please help me get a workaround? here is what it looks like

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Hi @AaronS18637 welcome to RSCnet.

There seems to be a few players who have had this error at different points in the games history. Unfortunatey the network I am currently using won’t let me access Rockstar sites, Reddit and many other links that a Google search for this error returns.

As well as this I am not a RD2 player myself.

Hopefully a RDR2 regular can chip in with a solution or workaround.

It may be handy for anyone that might be able to help you if you list the system you play on and any other ‘fixes’ you may have already tried to solve this error.

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I've not had this problem with RDR, but then I havent had most of the issues others are having for quite awhile

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