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Classic Road Cars. Monday 6th May


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I will be hosting Classic Road Cars on Monday 6th May. 8pm UK time.

Cars must be Pre1980 and tuned to N300
BOP will be on, tuning allowed
The Extended Tyre Handicap System will be used.

However the Ford GT40 and Mazda RX500 are banned for being OP

I completely forgot its Bank Holiday though, so we will just have to see how many people turn up.


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Every Monday seems to be a bank holiday at the moment. I won’t know until the day if I can make it or not. 

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Would be useful to know in advance how many people are going to be there. Need atleast 6 people or not worth running.

Curse of the Bank Holiday strikes again!

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6 hours ago, Mythaga said:

Cheers to all who turned up last night was great fun, with a nice variety of cars on show!

@Paulie @Aslad @MCD867 @M.C.Lethal Dose @al_ka_seltzer 

Anyone want to post up any pics?

i think i saved a few of the replays so i'll have a look when i get a chance 🙂


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No, I didn't misspell Salad 

Vauxhall Corsa D (dead)

Hyundai Coupe TSIII Fanclub

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