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Port Circuit


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"Big rig environment means plenty of room to go really fast, just leave the containers for the big boys."




A fast circuit at the docks for sports cars by default, but works extremely well with Supers and Motorcycles as well. Slower classes are available too, but probably not as much fun.

There's only a few spots where you need to use your brakes, it's mostly full throttle or just some throttle control, so not for the faint hearted.


I tried to "baby-proof" most of the circuit, pretty much every dangerous spot is secured or made extra visible, so you wont be hitting any hidden barriers, which allows  you to concentrate on your line and go fast. Don't be afraid to really push it. I hope I've managed to adjust all CPs, so you also wont be missing any by cutting corners really tight.



Enjoy it (or not)!

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