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East LS Tour


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'Warm the asphalt as up to 30 of you take a high speed tour of East Los Santos'.


Taking a break from the higher difficulty technical tracks of late... Welcome to prop heaven, (or hell), you decide!  : COOLGLARE :


It's not as cluttered as the RSC map suggests, all 92 props have been placed to keep the track as safe as possible and to ensure those poles stay vertical  :).


It is indeed 6.23 miles per lap, but a decent lap in a custom Zentorno can be achieved in less than 3:50 due to the high speed roads that were used.


I have set the race to 1 lap by default, but supers, sports and motorcycles could/should be run with 2 laps IMO.


All classes are available except bicycles, off road and utility, but you can expect me to somewhat narrow that down as I expect the faster classes to run best here.


Low - medium difficulty.






Any feedback, good or bad is always welcome and encouraged!


Thanks  ;).

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Will be Featured in TNT's Bravado Buffalo Series on Sept 3rd, 2015.

Wow, I'm not sure the Buffalo will run well here  :lol:.


It's such a high speed track, you'll be at full speed for probably 85% of the race.


It's the easiest of all races that I've made, kinda like Congestion Charge but without it being a P2P race.


You might wanna test it first with the Buffalo just in case it isn't suitable, but I appreciate it being chosen  :).

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