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Shake Your Money Maker


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Hey all


My Lev 70 character was seriously short of money until yesterday, when Rockstar refunded me GTA $1m for an unsellable Entity and a destroyed insured Ruiner. That will keep me in ammo for a short while, but i just wondered what you guys do to make money? Any good missions or playlists to recommend for PS4?


Also do you guys do any crew moneymaking sessions, as I'm sure doing missions with crew is much better than doing them with randoms. Looking for EU timings.


I'm so tempted to blow half of my $1m on a Dodo or a sailing yacht! No wonder I end up skint so quicky!

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I spend GTA$ pretty fast, but thankfully I make a lot from playlists and job invites from crew, friends or randoms.


Some 10 minute TDM's now pay 26k for winning if there are a lot of players involved, that's over 100K in 40 minutes.


Missions will always be the best option to make fast GTA$, there are quite a few members who will take part in those.

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I live from selling cars, PL's, DM's and races. Not the biggest money maker, but apart from one or two special vehicles, I pretty much have everything I need in game.  In case extra money is required, I do some missions on top. One hour gets me around 120-150k, solo that is.


There are some mission runs, but mostly impromptu. As far as timings goes, your best bet will probably be EU evenings when there's no PL going on.




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There are several missions to look for when trying to make money, and a couple of them are far easier with access to a Buzzard.  Believe it or not, according to one strategic gamer I follow, Rooftop Rumble is still the highest dollar-per-minute mission you can do, assuming your target mission time is 4 minutes.  I've also found that Trash Talk, A Boat in the Bay, American Exports and Crystal Clear Out are good $-min missions to run, especially in a Buzzard.


Also, whenever I see a Baller (either the original or the newer version that looks more like a Range Rover), I immediately carjack it and either sell it to LSC or put it in my garage to sell later if it's not convenient or possible to sell immediately.  The only vehicle worth more is the Felon ($500 more), and I rarely see those, but I see Ballers all the time.  At $9000 a pop for very little work, that's a good ROI.

Hit me up if you want and we'll run some missions together.  If you don't have access to a Buzzard, I do.  If you do, then we can run both and save a ton of time.  :)

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