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Personalized plates via iFruit


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Hey all,


I noticed a bug in the PS4 version (could exist on PS3 after the latest series of updates, but I don't know).  The personalized plate that I chose via iFruit for my vehicles no longer works under the following conditions:


1.  A vehicle is delivered (upon order) to my second property/garage

2.  A vehicle previously stored in my original garage is driven into my second garage

3.  A vehicle with an active, personalized plate is driven into LS Customs and a different plate background is selected, followed by "Private Plate".


If any of the above 3 events occur, I lose the personalized plate and I get something random, although the random plate is consistent across all vehicles I own that have experienced one of the 3 above events.


I found some information on Rockstar's support site regarding a potential workaround.  I tried this today with the Android version of iFruit and it did not work at all.



If anyone has experienced this and found a fix prior to Rockstar patching it, I'd appreciate it.




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It's happened to me twice in the last few weeks, but both times were on PS3 before I switched to PS4.


I had it reset on the first occasion, but I haven't bothered to ask R* to reset my plate again as I'm sure it will get messed up again.


I hope they patch it.

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Yeah i have had the same thing, havent noticed what circumstances they changed under but they have and they are all the same random number.. havent bothered to fix it incase i want to change it. Hopefully  there will be a fix soon.


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