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GAME: Worldwide photo detective


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Had an idea that is similar to the Snapmatic Photo Scavenger Hunt, but set in the real world.


It works similar:

- someone takes a photo of a place near them and posts it here

- the rest of us then try to locate the photo (or the spot from where it was taken) on Google maps.


Sounds fun?


Some sort of a clue on the photo would be good, otherwise at least help us with narrowing down the search area to something reasonable, so we dont end up searching entire London for example.


And I guess we can start off with one of mine that I've already posted on the forum here:



Clues don't get more clear than this. :lol:

And if anyone still doesn't know, I live in Slovenia, so it's a pretty small search area and Google Street View is available in Slovenia too.

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Sure, I'll try to find something :)


EDIT : Found a pic. Will post it later :)


EDIT 2 : Here it is.


Difficulty : easy.


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