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Uh, oh. This could get ugly now. :lol:


I really liked it, but was perhaps lacking something to slow down the other team as it was more the case of 'who can pick up and drop the Ballers faster'.

Should be interesting now, especially since there isnt really room for more than 2 pilots and 1 person parking the Ballers on each side.


Can't wait to try it out soon.

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This capture appears to be broken. Every time I died I respawned in a Cargobob that was on fire and damaged. I could land it but it was too damaged to maintain or gain altitude. There's no way it could have picked up a Baller. This problem happened to others as well. Hopefully this is an easy fix PB as it seemed like it would be fun and I'd like to try it again.

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How bizarre.......

Z is correct, I'm a ps4 exclusive now so my only real option is to re-do it for ps4. (Unless R* fix whatever it is that's causing the issue)

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