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Anyone try playing your online character on another ps3?


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Im moving in with a friend soon and hes got a ps3/4 - and my family uses my ps3 for netflix and whatnot, so i figured ill just leave my console here with them, but i do not wanna start over on my online character, seeing as how im level 224 and have been playing the same profile since online was released. Has anyone tried logging into another persons ps3 and playing online with their personal profile - if so, what happened, were you back to level 1 or did you have everything you have on your own ps3?

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I think all your online progress is associated with your Social Club ID and has no connection to your console (everything is stored on Rockstar servers).

You should be able to use your online character wherever you log in with the PSN account linked to your RSC account (and you can even change that if you want to).


Haven't tried it myself though. It goes without saying, but GTA needs to be installed on the console of course.

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I don't think it will be an issue as your game progress is linked to RSC and PSN, not the hardware. Maybe set up a specific console account for yourself so that your gaming/usage profile doesn't interfere with your friend's. Other then that, you should be fine ... I think




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You will have to do the very beginning of story mode. After that you can gk online and all you stuff will be there.

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