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[PS4] GTAO: screenshots & editing thread


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The Official PS4 Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot Sharing and Editing Thread


A bit of a mouthful, but I thought I'd start a separate thread for new gen GTA screenshots and everything that comes with it. Suggest to keep the [PS4] GTAO: photo's thread limited to Snapmatic.


Note: if it is too pic heavy or too slow to load or hurts the eyes, let me know.



- share said screenshots

- tips & tricks, Q & A and requests

- help with editing tools

- actual screenshot editing for all kinds of purposes such as forum avatars, signatures, crew promotion material, 'member autographed postcards' (don't know how to better explain this one ...)

- share the sheer beauty and kewlness this game has to offer



- turn off Radar and HUD in the PS4 - Settings - Display menu

- do what it is you want to capture (cool pose, action shot, stills, whatever rocks your cradle...). Just play around with the camera angles and Cinematic View.

- use the 'Share' button on your controller

- press 'Triangle' to save the shot

- insert a FAT32 or exFAT USB in one of the PS4 USB slots

- enter the 'Capture Gallery' in the PS4 menu

- select the correct folder and then 'Screenshots'

- press the 'Options' button

- select 'Copy to USB Storage Device'

- select the pics u want and click 'Copy' and 'OK'

- upload your pics from the USB to an image hosting website

- rest is the usual

If even a simpleton like me can manage this, anyone can :)


Here goes, just a few experimental shots:











Question: how can you get rid off that phone icon (?) at the bottom?

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Open the notifications in your phone, it's like unread messages.


Press & Hold for a quick screenshot.







Quality is bad because of the image hoster

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I love that you can finally get a shot of a car from a different perspective, especially from below (from ground level). Similar to your 3rd screenshot. You needed to park a car on something elevated and take a photo from below if you wanted to do that with a snapmatic photo.

There is a way......
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If you go to share > options > share settings > SHARE button control type and choose easy screenshots it will take a screenshot as soon as you press the share button and you hold to open the share menu, instead of vice versa.

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  • 2 months later...

I was just going to create a screenshot only thread but you beat me to it Ronin, by 2 months! 


Anyway, like a fledgling Phoenix it rises, renewed and reborn  :lol:




Not a brilliant shot by any means but hopefully it'll get the ball rolling again now we're all familiar with the screenshots and how they work.

Edited by Casey
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