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Clowning around


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I remember playing this when you first made it, and it was awesome getting to play it again.  The track is well designed, and there's plenty of crazy GTA race action.  I also like the fact that it is rockets only, as boosts can often break a GTA race really quick in my opinion.  Plus, it's clown vans blowing each other up--how can one go wrong with that? :D


This is a blast and provided a lot of good laughs.  Really enjoyed this one, Pb!  Thanks for posting it, and glad we got to play it again today. :)

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Not sure which version we played tonight but the same will apply to all of your clown van races.

Due to the silly update, more vans have been added to the game so the races are no longer locked to a single vehicle. Damn Rockstar, they should really sort this out!

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