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"Save Unsucessful"....dafuq?


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Ive been playing for a couple hours today, everything was fine until i got put into a lobby with some hackers/modders coming out of a lester mission - meaning i was at lesters warehouse. there was no one near me for at least a mile, all were near the beaches, people were dying left and right then all of a sudden i get hit with an explosion. it didnt kill me thankfully, all it did was throw me against a wall.


Since then ive been able to get into only one mission, now im constantly getting messages saying "SAVE UNSUCESSFUL" "CANNOT CONNECT TO ROCKSTAR CLOUD SERVERS" Though when i buy something from the stores around town, the game wants to save after i spent my money -_-




Im kinda thinking this is a virus sort of like when online first came out and meteorites, ferris wheels, and random debri would clutter downtown LS. whoever encountered the virus then continued on to spread the virus to other servers/players as they job hopped.

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I'm pretty sure it's a widespread issue.  I've only been in a private lobby, and I had the same issues and it took me several attempts to get re-connected.  Those same errors were popping up on my end.


More than likely, it's just your typical R* server issues--perhaps a system update or something along those lines.  Same thing happened on Saturday night, but to a more serious degree.


Edit: Banketelli posted this in the Shoutbox:



Looks as though there are some intermittent connection issues.

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Worse yet, it may be a combination of R* issues AND Sony Playstation network issues.  I haven't been able to sign in through my console since this afternoon.  : CRY :




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More like Lizard Squad hacking group at work, they threatened to shut down Xbox Live servers FOREVER on December 25th and they are also messing with psn periodically. Expect to have more online issues. I believe they have the capability. :(

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