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Ok I'm having trouble finding jobs members create I see on the social club. When I go to my jobs page all I can do is join a random job not search for a particular one. Also I need to know can I unlock all garage upgrades just running solo or do I have to race against someone? Thanks in advance.but

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With every job you see on Social Club website, you'll notice the 'Add to game' button. This bookmarks the job. Then in game you need to go to Pause menu->Online->Jobs->Host->Bookmarked and you'll be able to host these jobs yourself.


As for the upgrades. All performance upgrades (engine, transmission, turbo, brakes) are unlocked by winning races against others. You'll need 45 wins total to unlock all performance upgrades. Other upgrades (visual) are unlocked by rank, can't remember which rank you need to be to have them all unlocked. Some spray paints are unlocked by completing other tasks, like stunt jumps for lime green, rally wins for some metals etc


Easiest way to get the 45 wins is to find someone else who needs them too and arrange an exchange: both race on a short track and let each other win as many times as neccesary. Many members are willing to let you win too, you just need to ask.

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Another related question, how do I use the tags feature on this website to filter XDBX jobs? It's probably obvious but it didn't slap me in the face so I can't find it.

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