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ps4 sound issue


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Wondering if anyone can help i use turtle beach headphones for my ps4 optical goes in back and usb in front everything works fine however i have to unplug headphones if i want to go back to sound through the TV. On the ps3 i could leave everything plugged in and i just turned down the volume on my tv when using headphones.

So my question is does anyone know of a setting on ps4 where i can do this again hate unplugging headphones every time


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Hey, truelife98! Accepted your friend inv. this morning.


Check this- Go to audio setting and try to set Audio Priority to TV or Headphones. Then try to play something and what you want with your headphones.

I use Sony Gold Wireless 2.0 and when I turn them on, PS4 sound goes through them X turn them off, sound goes through receiver.


The only thing I can recomend is to play with audio options and the variations there, or take the unplugging as a stretching activity :)



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Yeah i will just have to play around i can go into settings and select preferred audio method which you can choose headphones or tv so i guess that is what will have to be done. It was just more convenient with the way it worked on ps3 

thanks for the help and Danielle keep me posted if you come up with something

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