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Two Birds, One Stone

Marx Maddox

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Hi Folks, 

I've been drifting around here the last few weeks . I'm sure you've all been scratching you heads wondering..

"Whose this a** h*le?" 

Well, I'm Marc. TheWordIsMarc. MJ if you will. Whatever you want to call me. 

I'm a GTAO guy. An RDRO guy. A gamer who likes to write and likes the role play side of things. But also likes to jump in and be a part of the action. 

I tend to dream and think big which can be a great destination to disappointment at times. Especially if it adds to the idea of perfection that I tend to run into wanting from time to time. 

I can be laid back and chilled. Especially on the surface. Inside is a whole other battle. And if it needs to I'll voice that. But not if it's not complete necessary. 

A great friend of mine once described me as "Vague & Detailed" And that probably describes me the best. Lol.

I created a GTA crew in 2013 called the lost kings before release and it rode on through evolution steps ever since. Trying to find who we really were to be.

I've just recently been handed the gavel to control the Sons of Chaos MC from Cutty Christmas. The next step as we leave our "BETA stage"as I jokingly call it.

And I'm excited to set up here and make it our home. I believe this is the best place for us to build and interact with you awesome and crazy folk! 

There's much I could tell you about what was and what is. But I'm sure we'll get to that down the road. 

So. That thank you for having myself and the Sons of Chaos Motorcycle Club.


To Hear more I've set up an Anchor Page and will hopefully post there more often than I used to.. 

Listen to this episode of my podcast, TheWordIsMarc , 2 Birds 1 Stone https://anchor.fm/sonsofchaos/episodes/2-Birds-1-Stone-e3i3bm


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Welcome Marc, glad to have you here.

Hopefully you will settle in and your crew will grow. Good luck as you leave the ‘Beta Stage’.

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Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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Thanks JChubb! 

It's cool being here. I know I've been quiet the last couple of weeks. Hopefully that'll start to change.

Yeah, We're making some strides and some baby steps. I'm having to walk a tight rope to make sure im not stepping on any toes of the past by switching too much up. But at the same time.. things will have to change here and there. They started near a decade ago. They disappeared about 5, And now it's relaunching in a new GTA state. It's not just the landscape of the table but of the whole thing that's different. 

So just keeping my finger on the trigger and asking permission to shoot at the moment lol

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