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I like this track, it make people rage.

14 players, 2 mile lap of hard curves, hills, walls, signs, rocks and trees.

It's a hard track, it's alright to DNF in your first, second and third attempt at this race. Brakes are very important, as well as acceleration.

It's also the first of the "Underbrake" trilogy.

All vehicles are accepted.


"Excellent" - Pr0fane0ne.

"Seems coo...oh cr*p" - my Brother, as he violently crashed in the descending half.

"I like the pond" - me Mother



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Try to move the grid to a more suitable location to allow 16 players, then it can be used in the busy crew playlists.


The first thing I notice with this race isn't the great route - it's the overload of checkpoints, they really come at you one per second and that's too much.


A lot of them can be removed because the next checkpoint would be clearly visible without them.


Players have no time to react because a checkpoint has litterally just appeared in front of them, OK you may know the route but others do not and those checkpoints appear so fast that they are not helping.


Like I said, the route is good but the checkpoints need a lot of work, there are nearly 60 checkpoints in 1 lap of this race, if you limit yourself to only placing checkpoints in corners and so the next checkpoint is visible from the checkpoint before it - then it will be very good.


Sports cars are probably a bit too much for this as well, IMO coupes would be the upper limit to ensure the cars suit the roads and so your guests have a fun experience instead of bouncing off every wall available.

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