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PS3 issues

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Anyone familiar with this issue:

My ps3 (fat) do not send any picture to the tv, just black. Was working fine last night. 

Tried the reset thing, a second cable, second tv, still no picture. 

Its old, the laser gave up a few months ago, maybe this is the end.



Well, out of nowhere it started to work again. (damn glad i have the ps4 ready when it drops)

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Are you using the HDMI connector? Sometimes ours loses sync with the TV when it switches resolution from 1080 to 720p loading up GTA. HDMI is an interesting design. It's not a direct feed of video like the older RCA and 3 plug video setups. What I've had happen is that the TV doesn't always decode the PS3 HDMI properly and restarting the TV always helps for us. I don't know if you've tried your PS3 on another TV, but it could possibly be the TV.

Edit, missed the second TV part the first time. You've definitely properly troubleshooted it, but I don't know if there is a fix when it happens that isn't internal processor related.

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Just gonna use this topic.


Is anyone familiar with the insides of a PS3 controller?


Is this piece of any importance (it's about 3mm big):




It must have come from somewhere inside as I've found it stuck between the top of L2 and the case, causing L2 to be almost permanently stuck, but managed to get it out now.

I'm worried it was holding something important together. :(


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