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A very fast track around LS. Created to race at night with traffic turned on in your custom super.

(sorry for the description below, got tired of writing long descriptions only to be erased due to R* claiming the were forbidden)


And "Midnight run" was not allowed as a name either.







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Ran this as intended - night, custom supers, non-contact, traffic on.


There were only 3 players and the lag from the traffic was unreal, it caused all roads, buildings and light poles to render very slowly on my screen.


With a full lobby I'm sure it would be worse again.


I like the idea of driving at oncoming traffic but the lag and poor rendering of the PS3 doesn't allow it to happen smoothly.


The route is fine and very fast, super cars are spot on but that traffic is terrible, the traffic doesn't even turn - instead they sort of slide towards you and hit you like a speeding train.

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Thanks for the feedback DC. Will try and see if the idea works better on the ps4.

I hope so.


I will try it again because I have played other races with traffic and they were not so bad.

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