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Life Stories.


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Personally I love telling stories. Whether they be serious or funny I always like to hear the experiences other people have had. It brings a certain human element to internet folk.

I shall begin with one of my best... The Fireworks story...

One of my two friends in high school we all called "Shrek" because he was a big, mean son of a bitch. Him and I were a couple of natural born trouble makers, Him blatant, me behind the scenes who was was never suspected. Our back story would take a books worth of text to tell, so I'll get on with it.

One night about 1am I get the genius idea to scare the hell out of him. 

So I pile myself, my sister, her father, and a mutual friend (Chris) into my volvo wagon and drive to Shrek's house who lived in the outskirts of a small city with a payload of fireworks fit for a county fair. I park my car down the block and run to where his window is. The light was still on but this was in early march, and it was cold and snowbanks were plentiful (Vermont). I tell the others to stay in the car while I go on the mission. I get to the window and set the tube firmly in the iced over snow, but the lighter I had wouldn't light. I sparked it a few times before it took flame, and as soon as I saw the fuse lit I turned tail and ran. To my surprise the repeated sparking and flame had rendered me night blind and there were at least three snowbanks and a host of trees between me and the getaway car. But I ran my blind ass off none the less.


The shell launched from the tube earlier than expected.


The exploding shell lit the rest of my way. As luck would have it it saved me from running head first into a tree. But as I got back to my car our friend Chris had gotten out, and non of the passenger doors opened very well. I had to kick at the damn thing and heave on it will all I had to open it and he dove in. I jumped back in the drivers seat and tore out of there with all the power that a Swedish four cylider could offer...

Six hours later

Shrek drags himself to school, he obviously hadn't slept. I put on my best poker face and didn't ask. I waited for him to tell his story. Turns out I set my charge at the exact time he was going to bed and he had thought someone had broken into his house and his father had shot them. As he scrambled out of his room to investigate, he said he saw his dad running through the house in his underwear wielding a hunting rifle, who would eventually run into the street, but saw nobody. (Thankfully) 

...For over three years I denied doing it and he believed me, until a friend we had in common told him the truth, but he still laughed at it none the less. 

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digging up a older topic here but have a good story to tell


when i was a young kid my grandfather passed away and the day before his funeral a bunch of friends and family had gathered at night time. now it just so happened my parents had planned a pig roast the following day that we went along with anyway even though it was the day of the funeral. anyway all of us kids were playing hide and go seek at night in our backyard and our neighbors back yard. i was one of the youngest kids and after a while i didn't want to play anymore but instead of just saying that and being made fun of i made up a story that there was a guy with a gun behind the shed in the yard next to my neighbors yard. all of us being young everyone believed me and we stopped playing and told our parents who didn't believe us and did nothing about it. the next morning my parents talked to the guy who was outside all night roasting the pig and he informed them that a few hours after everyone had gone home police swarmed the shed i was talking about and found a man hiding there who had robbed a bank that day.


to this day i cant make sense of this i never actually saw a man back but wonder if he was there while we were all out in the dark running around

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