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Ghetto Bird


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I have been wanting to get a working creation where you drive your Manana through the city chased by Annihilators.

This one needs some testing and possibly some tweaking when it comes to:

  • Amount of choppers.
  • The distance of the choppers from the startingpoints.
  • Accuracy of the pilots.
  • Distance to drive.
  • The possible use of RPG's.

These things cant be tested in the creator, so i might harass some of the crew in testing this out.


The setup:

Spawn with a pistol.

Take the yellow Mananas from the parkinglot.

Grab a micro SMG in the process.

The other team is on the next block and is going for the same Mananas.

Once in the driverseat it could be useful to get someone with a micro SMG in the seat next to you.

Drive to Grove Street with the Manana.

Pick up some Carbine rifles to help bring down the cops.

Grap a purple Tornado and head back to Jamestown street.

Or just run across the yards back to the next Manana.





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This sounds like a lot of fun.  I'd like to help you test it if we're on at the same time.  I'm not sure if we're friends on PSN.  If not, just add me (LV_Jag) and send me a request if I am on.  As of right now, I'll be MIA until the baby's afternoon nap.  So in a few hours.

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