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So I have this friend..


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That is thinking about moving to a new city with kids who does not want to move (4,7,9,11 yrs).


Moving would only be based on that the parents think the grass is greener, and it probably is to some extent.

The only reason not to make the move would be the uncertainty of how the kids would handle it.



Pull the kids up from something secure and placing them in something uncertain.

Further away from family (that does help with the kids today)



Close to the ocean

Less garden and house to take care of

More time to just hang out (realistic or just imaginary?)



Just assuming that the work situation will work out, as it probably would.

Yes, the parents are closing in on their 40´s.



Any thoughts about this?




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Kids are probably more adaptable than adults, my family moved us away when me, my brother and sister were 11, 8 and 12 respectively and we adjusted fine.

In fact I made a better quality of friends of which I am still very close to.

I still live there now (also by the sea) and wouldn't go back after visiting my birth town since.

The grass can be greener and thinking about a move in the first place indicates they aren't as happy as they could be in their current situation., it's about adapting to your new situation I guess.

Hope this helps.

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my family move around a lot since i am 12. because my dad was in the army.


honestly, i can only see from the kid's POV. i struggled a lot when we're moving places and i also got problems with my family, new school, making friends, etc. but it's manageable. i am thankful that i have 2 constant things during those changes. family and music. during my teen, those 2 things really serves as a foundation. if i don't have those constant things in my life, i think i'm gonna waste my time and effort to focus more on the problems and getting angry. i hope your friend's kids have this, a hobby, a goal, whatever that can occupy their time and interest. just be certain to tell your friend to be smart as parents, because nomad kids sees this as a chance so they can get new items. every time we move, i always asked for a new guitar or amp or whatever :D


ps: i moved to 4 cities before our family settled, which means my dad got that higher rank that he always wished for, so he can gave the family something more. i hope your friend's "greener pastures" will also provide something more to their family.


i love you dad.. oops.. wrong thread :P

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When I was 12 my family moved from one continent to another -- then we moved again from one neighborhood to another when I was 14 -- even though in the long run it was a good thing -- the short of it is -- it sucked in a big way -- I couldnt 'adapt' to the new places at all...


When my wife and I had kids -- I told her that we are not moving anywhere until they are in college -- that didnt work out so well because I am thinking -- if we were to move not much would change...


I really think it has to do with how well the parents really know their kids...

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"Get busy living, or get busy dying." - Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption...


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