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Preferred Weapons?


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What is your preferred weapons? Not necessarily what is best in game, but rather which do you like to use?

I personally like using dual Volcanic Pistols. I find their overall power and rate over fire suit me best. I know many like using Mausers but they lack the knockdown power I want and Sawed Off Shottys are just to slow.

Bolt Action Rifle most of the time, gives a good blend of power, range and reload time

Pump Action Shotty, to be fair I really haven't tried the others to say if I like one better than the pump.

I'm still using the Carbine Repeater. I find little use for repeaters since the Bolt Action rifle covers what I need

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I've been using Sawed-Off Shotguns since unlocking dual wielding but lately I've found them less effective. So thinking of getting another Semi-Auto Pistol.

Longarm weapons I use the Bolt and Lancaster/Varmint. Lancaster when in combat and Varmint for hunting. The Bolt is good for both but if I end up switching sidearms I'll go with the Semi-Auto Shotgun for PVP. Gotta have a shotgun on you at all times!

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I don't do much PvP but for NPCs (missions & gang hideouts) I use the bolt action for distance shots and switch to the Lichfield closer in. I like the Jawbone knife as well for extra XP executions.

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