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Howz it,


     Been on gta5 online since the beginning pretty much and a daily player for most part like the game.  Glad to be invited into crew that doesn't believe a crew dot is a invitation to kill....;p Always willing to help crew members be it lvl up or complete a mission.


Thanks and remember always better to shoot first and ask questions later ;p ..



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Welcome the the home of the Grand Theft Auto crew known as Domestic Battery. We work hard to be a fun, mature, active, and dependable crew.We do however have some guidelines in place to ensure that we maintain the environment we have built.

Please take time to read our Crew Policies, our New Member Vetting Process, and the Website Rules.

Hope you get with the crew in game and have fun.The XDBX Crew

This is a generated auto reply merely providing valuable crew links to help you become a valued member of the crew.

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Welcome. You will soon be contacted regarding Vetting by Lt's Ssracing, Danielle, Xyon, and Dead_Goon.

Your Vetting Period is scheduled to conclude on 10/1/14.

This website is the Focal Point, and Communication Hub for our Crew. It is an intricate part of how we maintain our integrity. So, Bookmark this website now, and visit it frequently. 


Invite Sent.


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Where are you from? What are some things you like to do?


Don't forget to update your profile with your local time as we use the calendar a lot to plan events (which automatically converts it to your time zone).

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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Invite sent, you can accept it in game or on SOcial CLub

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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