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It’s time to buzz the tower in GTA Online, now that a collection of aerial modes and missions including longtime fan-favorites like "Top Fun" are all paying out double rewards through March 13th. You can also earn Double GTA$ on all Smuggler's Cargo Sales, collect a pair of rare in-game tees and take advantage of a squadron of discounts on assorted aircraft, Hangars, and Hangar amenities.


They say don't shoot the messenger - but the courier is definitely fair game. 2-4 teams take to the skies to grab as much loot as they can and bring it back to base. Whoever has the biggest haul at the close of business wins, but don't forget: your rivals can always plunder your stash like the good honest swindlers they are.


In the Top Fun trilogy, a team of fighter jets must eliminate a team of runners in ground vehicles carrying precious cargo before they reach their destination. Once anyone goes down, they won't get back up.



Air Force Zero is hurtling through the sky while taking heavy fire and must reach its destination at all costs. A team of Defenders must protect the plane, while a team of Attackers have to take it down. Air Force Zero's only got one chance to do it, but the Attackers and Defenders have as many as they need.



Players compete in planes to collect all 15 flags across 10 different locations above Southern San Andreas & Blaine County. In G-Rating Cold, weapons are disabled for all pilots - but if you're looking to turn up the heat, weapons are live in G-Rating Hot. Choose your play style in this classic GTA Online Versus Mission and bring home double rewards for the privilege.



For a limited time, the rare Blue & Red Class of '98 Tees are back in GTA Online - simply play anytime this week and receive both.


Whether you're the proud owner of a vast aircraft collection or a fledgling fleet looking to expand, get off the ground with steep discounts on Hangars and various aerial vehicles:

  • Hangars - 50% off
  • Hangar Renovations - 50% off
  • Hangar Workshop - 50% off
  • B-11 Strikeforce - 40% off
  • Blimp - 40% off
  • P-996 Lazer - 40% off
  • Mammoth Hydra - 40% off
  • RM-10 Bombushka - 40% off


Adding 2-Step Verification to your Social Club account provides an additional layer of security to help you protect your account from unwanted access.

With 2-Step Verification enabled, signing in to your account on a new device will require your Nickname or Email, Password, and a Verification Code generated by an Authenticator on your mobile phone, tablet, or browser. A new Verification Code is required when signing in from an unrecognized device or location.

Everyone that adds 2-Step Verification to their Social Club account (and anyone who already has) will receive:

  • GTA$500,000 in your GTA Online account
  • 10 Gold Bars in your Red Dead Online Beta account
  • Additional future benefits in both GTA Online and the Red Dead Online Beta

To enable 2-Step Verification on your Social Club account, go to https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/settings/mfa

For more information on all the latest GTA Online bonuses, head to the Social Club Events page.

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