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Bike Race




Jumps, jumps, and more jumps. Take to the sky in motorcycles all over South LS Port, but remember, what goes up also comes down. If you crash on the first ramp just sneak around the building, everybody gets one.


Start Jumpin'

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i encourage bike lovers to try this, it's a bit advanced of a track as u need a level of precision to not only hit the ramps but to commit and hit them good, first lap might be rough but once u get the hang of it, i find this really fun


PS it's made so that stock bikes can get threw, customs might have to ease it a bit on the littler jumps, big jumps are fair game :D. rule of thumb, brakes are ur friend, especially after said big jumps


WARNING: there are 3 stunt jump cameras to further the fun, don't be alarmed, they r placed in ways to ensure you still have control of ur landings :)

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Gonna try this one this weekend. I was a kid in the '70s and I thought Evel Kinevel was the coolest and used to take my Schwinn Stingray off some sweet jumps wearing a cape. :P

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I tried it with a modded Sanchez and it was wicked hard to make the big jumps. Some I never made. Tried again with a Bati 800RR that is also modded and it didn't help. I was hoping more speed would help.

Maybe the ramps could be adjusted? Some times it was hard to tell where the ramps were especially the one where you have to go through the container.

It was fun and challenging though. I couldn't get anyone to join me so had to race it alone.

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-are you not making the jump as in crashing or are you not getting enough air? i placed the CP far enough back that a stock akuma is able to land it, you have to give'r gas from the last CP and up the ramp. the only big ramp that might have a respawn issue with making the jump is the 2nd one over the water as i needed a CP after the little ramp to show where to go, but a modded bike should still make it (the CP across the water should be able to catch you if u crash anyway, releaving the ability to even retry the jump from there)

-90% of the ramps are in the game themselves, not placed.

-the best way is to look ahead and line yourself up b4 u hit the ramp, commit to the jump and don't try to turn while on the ramp or it'll mess u right up lol

-hitting the brakes after big jumps helps keep control too

-as for the ramp with the container, the container is placed there specifically to slow you down as hitting that ramp normal/full speed will shoot you into the building and not over it as i wanted (a modded bike might be able to actually jump on the building but that would leave stock users dead in the water

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