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Demeo - PSVR2


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Demeo is an old school tabletop style RPG for up to four players where you have to take a party of adventurers - chosen from eight classes - through dungeons of increasing difficulty.  Each of the five dungeons is made up of three floors which each take about an hour or so to complete.  The combat is turn based and as well as regular attacks you have a hand of cards that you can use for more powerful attacks or support abilities.  

I was surprised at how much I loved this.  While you're playing you can move around and zoom in and out, so you can look down at the board like in real life or get right in there so that the pieces are all life sized.  I also love how tactile it is.  You can pick up the enemy pieces to see more information about them, and just moving the pieces around and rolling the dice is really fun.  You can play this on your own but is much more fun with friends.

Here's a video of the end of the boss fight at the end of one of the dungeons.  Unfortunately the person I was playing with didn't have their voice chat set to share so you'll have to put up with me talking to myself. 

Great game, don't sleep on this one if you get a headset.


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