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The Favourites: Christmas Edition

Mark Verstappen

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The Favourites: Christmas Edition


Come and join us on Wednesday 28th of december at 20:00 UK Time on PS4* for The Favorites! Just turn up to the Christmas tree on Legion Square in your favorite reable car where we will hopefully drive in the snow.

We will determine who has the best nicest car brought to the meet before we start races where each participant can select their car and track combination they like to race! We will all race the car the player selected against eachother. The person choosing the car will have to own the car and share it unless he picks a stock car to race

Pick whichever you think people should get a taste of or should suffer in! But beware.. You to have to drive your own car too!

Post Malone to get involved!

  • Verstappen
  • Mulder


*Subject to change depending on people with available platforms & who will all be there. 🙂

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