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Hooray me


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In the spirit of pure unashamed ego boost, I just wanted to share that Pier Pressure II just cleared the 1 million plays mark.


For me, this is a huge benchmark, there are many much older TDM's that havent been played as much. It is less likely to reach the multi-million plays level now that R*-verification isn't as big news as it was 9+ months ago. people now have way more choices when it comes to R*-verified content to choose from. It is much more likely to get multi-million plays when the players are choosing from 5 or so DM's vs today when there are 27 to choose from. So to even get into the millions nowadays is a big deal IMHO.


Sonuva Beach already cleared the half-million mark too which is a real surprise because I never felt that TDM was as good as Pier Pressure II, yet it appears to be at least as popular so far. 


It would give me great self-satisfaction to see both clear the 1 million mark.

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Pfft, and here I'm hoping just one of my jobs gets 1000 plays some day.


Really though, that's awesome and well deserved.

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That's quite an accomplishment. Congrats, man. You put a lot of work into creating. It's nice to see it recognized. I look at some of my stuff and see it's good over a hundred plays, and think "wow, that's a lot." But a million? That's a really lot.

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That's awesome news, congrats!


I think a lot of people really like this one as I've even had it come up from a "join random dm" on the in-game phone, which is quite surprising as most are melee 1000000 money/rp crap jobs.


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