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50 Bridge Challenge


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A long (approx. 15 min) technical air race designed to test your skills at flying under all 50 'under the bridge' bridges in one big swoop.

-Try to follow paths of bridges as some aren't marked. 50 bridges and 68 checkpoints doesn't leave a whole lot of extra to properly set up the entrance of every bridge but i have done my best to streamline all 50 bridges.

-Watch for bridges not just checkpoints. Some checkpoints may look easy to just fly to but the purpose of this race is to fly under bridges, if you see a bridge in the general path of your checkpoint, chances are your meant to fly under it (ie. 2 dams back to back with very tight openings after flying up a mountain for a good line up before CP43)

-Practice required! It is best to practice and get a feel of where the checkpoints are, a first timer may have problems locating certain checkpoints or bridges fast enough without prior knowledge of them being there.

-i'v done my best to assure most checkpoints are safe to spawn, while 1 or 2 of the spawns may be instant death it is necessary to assure that at least 1 works. this being said, air races like to spawn you at near stall speeds, make sure to hammer the gas b4 your screen loads and pull up or dive quick for speed, which ever fits the scenario.


good luck!


Take the challenge now!



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i been frustrated with it for a month to get it to work without having to resort to helicopters. beware of the 2nd bridge lol... no easier way of doing it. i can fly under it clean every time now after some practice XD

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I tried that but then I encountered the other problem i.e. not being able to go back to first half of the list.  I'm close to putting my foot through the screen!

Yay flippin' yay, eventually!  Now I'm going to crash into every bridge I'm that raging  :lol:

If anyone else encounters this problem and wants to run this race, I'll leave my playlist on RSC.  It's named the same as the race and this race is all that's in the playlist  :D

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I'll come at it with a fresh brain sometime, just too difficult with a raging headache.  Must have crashed about 25 times in first 6 bridges and re-spawn after the bridge so have to go all the way back round again.  :lol:

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lol well i just keep going when it respawns me after the bridge. and its dum air races don't show up under races..., if u restart online after bookmarking an air race u can find the trigger on the map tho, this one starts north of the military base


PS. even i haven't gotten a fully clean run yet, but i know its doable, i think i'v gotten 48/50 on my last one x.x

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